Our plant is located in Taichung, Taiwan, which is a 4-floor-building with total 106,770 sq ft. From the SMT, DIP production line to box build assembly production line, our facility provides one-stop electronic manufacturing service to fulfill your diverse demands.

Assembly production Line

  • Two 20-meter long production line
  • One 9-meter long production line
  • Three 13-meter long production line
  • Two 15-meter long production line

SMT & DIP Production

  • Applicable PCB: L510 x W460mm to L50x50mm
  • Printing Accuracy: Positioning repeatability (6σ) : +/- 0.010mm
Hight-Speed Mounter
  • Applicable PCB: Single lane L810 x W490 to L50 x W50
    Dual stage Note: For X-axis 2-beam option only 1PCB conveyance: L810 x W490 to L50 x W50 2PCB conveyance:L380 x W490 to L50 x W50
  • Mounting Accuracy:±0.035mm (±0.025mm) Cpk≧1.0 (3σ)
Hight- Speed Modular
  • Applicable PCB: L510x W460mm - L50x W50mm
  • Mounting Accuracy: ±0.035 mm (±0.025 mm) Cpk≧1.0 (3σ)
N2 Reflow Equipment
  • Heating Zone: 10
  • N2 Consumption: Approx. 15 ~ 18m3/h
DIP Production Line
  • Wave soldering system.

Testing Facility

Testing Area
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